About Us

About our company

We offer top-quality merchandise at 20-80% off the retail price 365 days a year

Family Deals has been selling clearance items at clearance sale prices since 2006. We offer a good selection of products, all backed by the warranties and service you would expect.


How Can We Offer Such Competitive Low Prices?

Family Deals has agreements and relationships with many leading factories, distributors and retailers around the world. Because of the close relationships with these suppliers we are able to buy their overstock sometime with large discounts, which then allow us to pass these great savings on to you. The reasons why our suppliers have these overstock problems is commonly:


Manufacturers estimate how many products they will sell every year. In some cases they overestimate and over-produce. In these cases the manufacturer is forced to sell the excess stock at a reduced price. Family Deals then purchases these products at a lower price than normal wholesale then passes the savings on to our customers.


Retailers often change the products they sell. As a result they often cancel orders they have with suppliers. The supplier is then under pressure with Overstock and is forced into liquidation and excess products are sold at below wholesale prices. We then pass the savings on to our customers.


Check out some of our most popular items including Gadgets , Free Shipping, Computers and accessories and much more.


Whichever way we source our products, you can be assured that our offers to you are the best on the market without compromising quality. Our Items are quality checked.


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