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Pewter Bangle Yin-Yang - Unisex - Wide

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This stunning bangle will be a beautiful addition to anyones arm. It is approximately 2.5cm wide. It has Yin Yang etched symbol in the colour black. Yin-Yang is a dynamic and harmonizing symbol representing the cyclic fluctuations and interactions of the two polar energies that cause, perpetuate and transform all things. Together they are the complementary expressions of the supreme ultimate, t'ai-chi, the eternal Tao. The dots in the symbol, each located at the fullest point of its polar force, show that the culmination of yang contains the seed that will change it to yin, just as yin contains the seed of yang. This type of bangle moulds easily and gently to the shape of your wrist so that it will sit nicely and will be comfortable to wear. This bangle is made of Pewter so it reasonably easy to mould. These can be worn by men or women.

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