Drop shipping

We offer a dropshipping service at no extra cost to you - no ABN is required. To dropship items to different customers and addresses, you'll firstly need to register as a new Familydeals.com.au member. We will need to record your details in our database as a registered dropshipper.
You will need to place a separate order using your Family deals account for each address you wish to ship to. No invoice or pricing information will be included with your customers' packages. We will only send tax invoices via email to you.

The tax invoice we email when payment is made acts as proof of purchase for these items, for any warranty claims. As the items were purchased by yourself, the warranty is non-transferable, and any warranty claims must come directly from you. Additionally, we will replace any item if it is found to be damaged in shipment within 30 days from the date of dispatch.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind:
  • As a result of our low prices we often sell out of stock. We suggest that before you list something for sale on your site, on ebay or on another auction site, you contact us to ensure we have reasonable stock levels
  • We need "ship to" mailing addresses at the time of purchase. Ship to addresses are not able to be changed once your order is approved

However, when there are only 10 or less available of any particular item, you'll notice an "Almost Sold Out" icon appears on the product page. You may find it easier to purchase items from our wholesale bulk items section of our site and have the items delivered to you, and then resell and send the items.  Please feel free to email us with any enquiries.

How it Works
All emails, invoices, delivery notifications and other communications are done directly with you (you enter your details in the "bill to address"). You direct us to ship the goods to your customer whose details you enter in the "ship to address".
All your customer receives is the parcel with the item(s) they have ordered inside. They do not receive any receipts or delivery notification or anything else. In fact, even the postal label does not identify that the parcel came from familydeals.com.au . However we do include an PO BOX address for all undelivered goods. There is no business name attached to this.
There are a number of other reasons as to why you should use our dropship services:
  • We will honour warranties passed onto your customers provided your customer is able to advise us your order number so we may find it in our system.
  • We typically ship the goods the same day as your order is paid for and approved
  • Our shipping rates are very competitive - we do not make profits on freight charges



How Dropshipping Works

Dropshipper ships item to your customer without your customer knowing it is dropshipped.


Customer goes to your website and   places an order.
You place the same order with the dropshipper and keep the profits. Customer places and pays you for the order.