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NetComm V210P VoIP Adapter

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NetComm V210P VoIP Adapter with 1 FXS & 1 FXO Port


Make and receive VoIP calls from a single telephone handset Landline backup in the event of a failure with your VoIP Service 1 FXS, 1 FXO port and 1 LAN port Simple web-based setup and configuration Supports advanced Call services – Caller ID, Call On-Hold, Call Forward Call Waiting and Transfer – service provider dependent


• SIP v1 (RFC2543), v2(RFC3261)



• TFTP Client/DHCP

• PPPoEClient

• HTTP Server

• DNS Client

• NAT/DHCP Server Tone

• Ring Tone

• Ring Back Tone

• Dial Tone

• Busy Tone

• Programming Tone Codec

• G.711: 64k bit/s (PCM)

• G.723.1: 6.3k / 5.3k bit/s

• G.726: 16k / 24k / 32k / 40k bit/s (ADPCM)

• G.729A: 8k bit/s (CS-ACELP)

• G.729B: adds VAD & CNG to G.729

• GSMPhoneFunction

• Volume Adjustment

• Speed dial key

• Phone book

• Flash VoiceQuality

• VAD: Voice activity detection

• CNG: Comfortable noise generator

• LEC: Line echo canceller

• Packet Loss Compensation

• Adaptive Jitter Buffer IP Assignment

• Static IP


• PPPoECallFunction

• Call Hold

• Call Waiting

• Call Forward

• Caller ID

• 3-way conference Security

• HTTP 1.1 basic/digest authentication for Web setup

• MD5 for SIP authentication (RFC2069/RFC 2617) DTMF Function

• In-Band DTMF

• Out-of Band DTMF

• SIP Info NAT Traversal

• STUN SIP Server

• Registrar Server

• utbound Proxy Configuration

• Web Browser

• VR/Keypad FirmwareUpgrade


• HTTP AutoProvisioning



• FTP Modem& Fax modes

• G.711 fax/modem pass-through with fax/modem detection

• .38 support Interface

• 1 WAN port interface

• 1 LAN port interface

• 1 FXS port interface

• 1 FXO port interface


NetComm’s V210P VoIP Telephone Adaptor

has been designed for residential and small

business users to deliver predictable real-time

voice quality over the Internet. It connects

directly to any broadband modem and service

(Cable or DSL) plus an account with a VoIP

Service Provider.

Suitable for those who want the convenience

of a landline (PSTN) combined with the savings

of VoIP in one compact unit. The V210P

delivers both VoIP and landline calls to a single

handset, giving you the cost savings of VoIP

with the security of a landline backup if and

when you need it. The V210P also features QoS

functionality to maintain call quality

Family Deals code 16V210P

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